Tequila Matchmaker - SG


Client: Tequila Matchmaker

Tequila Matchmaker is community for tequila enthusiasts and industry professionals. Through their own research in the field and user-generated content, Tequila Matchmaker has created a rich and in-depth dataset about each tequila, its distillery, production process and ratings from avid tequila fans.


Project Overview:

Tequila Matchmaker has fostered a passionate community with valuable data with their mobile apps without building a web experience. They currently make money by selling data and insights to brands and distributers. But their absence from the web is limiting their opportunities for sales and partnerships. 



Through interviewing the client and looking at brand and consumer behavior in their mobile apps we used these insights to shape the experience online.

  • Brands care about and pay attention to their image online. This includes ratings and customer reviews. Some brands obsessed over the ratings and reviews in the Tequila Matchmaker apps and others didn't pay attention to Tequila Matchmaker as their ratings and reviews didn't show up in Google search results.
  • Advanced consumers and bartenders relied on distillery, production, and aroma and flavor data to influence their purchase decisions and signature cocktails. This data isn't advertised by the brands.
  • Sales reps also relied on distillery, production and process data to differentiate their craft and products. This data isn't advertised by the brands.
  • Average consumers relied on ratings and reviews to influence their purchase decisions. 

Solution (Phase 1):

Business Objectives:

  • Focus on SEO for brands and tequilas to gain recognition and authority online
  • Drive downloads of the mobile app


  • Create an MVP for the website
  • Make brand, product and distillery look up easy (most used features on the app)
  • Showcase production data (that no one else has and bartenders and sales reps loved)
  • Showcase user generated data (that brands cared about)
  • Create contextual CTA's to download the app based on content

Determined for later phases:

  • Paid feature for brands to run custom reports and comparisons with existing data
  • Paid feature for brands to run blind taste tests with consumers for new data
  • User accounts online to rate tequilas and manage wish lists
  • E-commerce feature for consumers purchase tequilas on their wish list, not found nearby


1. Home Screen

Our first priority was to make search font and center since it's the most frequently used feature. If an user knows exactly what they are looking for, they can search by tequila, brand or NOM (distillery) with an typeahead search field to get there immediately. If a user doesn't know exactly what they are looking for, but they wanted to discover a new tequila within a category, the categories are featured below the search bar.

The second priority was to drive downloads for the app. We do this in two ways on the home screen. First, with a direct call to action with the value propositions and direct links. Secondly, with some healthy brand competition with the trending list. Looking at user acquisition data for the mobile app and talking with brands, we found brands were driving their followers to rate them in the app in order help them rank on the trending chart.

Lastly, to engage frequent returning users we highlight tequilas that were recently added to the database and recent industry news.


2. Category Screen

The category screen leverages the extensive production data Tequila Matchmaker has collected and exposes the facets that make an impact on the taste and quality of tequila. This helps advanced consumers, bartenders and sales reps to narrow their search for tequilas with specific qualities.  


3.1 Tequila Product Screen

The tequila product screen surfaces the collective ratings and product details at top for a quick glance and understanding of the tequila. The call to action buttons below the ratings highlight the top actions that the user can perform in the mobile app and serve as a driver for downloads.

There are several scenarios for when a user clicks a call to action:

  • If the user is viewing the page in a desktop environment, they will be shown a modal with download options.
  • If the user is viewing the page on mobile but does not have the app, they will be directed to the app store, and will be presented this product screen when the app completes installation.
  • If the user is viewing this screen on mobile and has the app, they will be taken to the product screen in the app to complete the action.

Next, to quickly show the user what they can expect to experience from the tequila we create a visualization of the user generated data for the taste profile. We follow the taste profile with a contextual call to action to asking the user to identify what they taste, this is also a driver for downloads.

Further down, the users can browse through the ratings and reviews of the community. As they are reading through the reviews they may be convinced this is a tequila worth trying and the sticky call to action is present to help them find this tequila nearby. 

To help improve SEO, we are utilizing the rich data snippets in the markup. By following the schema for a product and ratings, we can show a 5-star rating in the search results.


3.2 Contextual Download Modal

When an user clicks a call to action from a desktop environment, they are presented with several options to download the app. Depending on which call to action they chose, we will present them with a headline and subheading to reinforce the context of the action. Using Branch.io we can send the app via sms to send it directly to the mobile device. And once the install is complete (from the custom link) we can present the user the tequila product screen they were viewing on the desktop, making it easy for the user to complete the action they started on a different device.